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faberge fragrances

1932 Aphrodisia
1938 Tigress
1938 Straw Hat
1938 Woodhue for Men
1944 Woodhue
1949 Fabergette
1955 Flambeau
1958 F#
1962 Esprit De Parfum
1964 Brut
1968 West
1969 Kiku
1969 Xanadu
1975 Cavale
1975 Brut 33
1975 Musk for Men
1976 Macho
1977 Babe
1979 Partage
1979 Tigress Musk
1980 Cellini
1980 Turbo
1981 Touch of Class
1982 Feminin
1983 Brut Royale
1983 McGregor
1985 Fleurs du Monde
1986 Brut Musk
1994 Joyau
1994 Brut Actif Blue
1995 Addiction Spice Fire

Unknown Years: Princess Grace de Monaco and Imperial Perfumes



welcome to

I have been buying and reselling Faberge fragrances since 1999. The stock changes constantly due to high demand and my travels around the country; please check back regularly.

Freely sharing my knowledge of Faberge products and helping customers locate specific fragrances and original packages are the benefits of this venture. Sometimes, it seems, I operate a time machine.

Please keep in mind, colognes and perfumes smell differently in the bottle from when they are worn. Most Faberge products use a special alcohol mixed with the fragrance oil; the special alcohol (i.e., SD-39C) smell will evaporate several seconds after application.

Prior to shipping, every item is checked individually. The fragrance of each cologne and perfume is smelled to determine freshness, seals are checked, and tops are tightened. (Unless the items are sealed in its original packaging.)

In the event that you purchase a product for which you are dissatisfied. Please contact me by email and explain the problem.

frequently asked questions

Where do you find your product?
I travel extensively in my profession, travel internationally for leisure, monitor forums and social networks, and conduct internet search routines that help me find Faberge products.
Are they the original Faberge fragrances?
Yes. I buy and resell original Faberge fragrances only.
How do you know they are original?
The most popular fragrances Babe, Woodhue, Aphrodisia, Straw Hat, and Tigress (both formulations) are instantly recognizable to me by their scents. I have been smelling Woodhue, Aphrodisia, and Straw Hat regularly since 1999. My mother wore both Tigress fragrances and my wife wore and continues to wear Babe. I am increasingly confident with knowing the scent of other Faberge fragrances as the years go by.
Will the fragrance still smell the same as I remember it?
Yes, usually. I have had two returns of products since 1999. I have had a few customers say that the fragrance in the bottle smelled just like they remembered, but not when they wore it.

I am looking for ________, do you know where I can find it?
I try to fulfil individual requests. I flag emails and when I find specific requested products, I offer those items to individuals prior to listing them on this website. Also, if I find the item for less than I can buy and resell it, I provide the location and price to the person(s) seeking the item.
What can you tell me about ___________?
I share my knowledge, ignorance, and experiences when people ask questions. Questions are free. Answers freely given.
How did you get started selling Faberge products?
Long story short--I could not find a bottle of Babe for my wife in 1999. When I finally did, I decided to help others not lose the memories associated with Babe, and then Tigress, and then other Faberge. Now I can't stop.

Straw Hat 4 oz Talc
HI Gary, thanks so much for your personal attention! The Straw Hat talc is wonderful, and the scent is very fresh. Love it and am looking forward to more shopping !
Buyer: Toni Anne

Babe 1/4 oz perfume & 1/2 oz cologne
Garyyyyy thank you sooooo much,
I received my babes today I'm
so happy many thanks again.
Buyer: Nina

Tigress 1/2 oz
I wanted to let you know that I have received the product I have ordered. My mom will love it as my dad used to get her this every year years ago.
Buyer: Diane

Woodhue 1/2 oz
Thanks a lot Gary. I hope my aunt 85 years young will appreciate this find. You enjoy your holidays and have a very Happy New Year.
Buyer: Patricia

Aphrodisia 1 oz
Thank you so much. My mother used to wear this fragrance years ago and is the only item that is on her wish list this Christmas (she is 79). Looking forward to making her holiday very special. Thanks again.
Buyer: Lisa

Tigress 1/2 oz
It arrived on Friday and is every bit as good as we remember it. I shall probably back for more for xmas!
Buyer: Andy

Babe Perfume 5/16 oz and Cologne 1/2 oz
Today I received the Babe. The unique scent is just as I remembered, and I really appreciate being able to have it again. Reasonable prices and fast shipping too. Thank you!
Buyer: Jeanne

Tigress 1 oz
I am overjoyed at the lovely Tigress that arrived today, and I must thank you for not only the exceptionally rapid service but the careful packaging. I'm so pleased and delighted with the perfect Faberge bottle and "fur" lid as well as the original box. Of course, the scent itself is spectacular! Truly movie-star glamorous!
Buyer: Jan

ACT IV and Flambeau 1/2 oz
Received my Act IV and Flambeau a few days ago, and just tried the Act IV today--WOW! It reminds me of Chanel No. 5 plus some spice--carnation, maybe? Will try the Flambeau tomorrow. Thanks for your great prices and service!
Buyer: Linda

Aphrodisia Cologne 1/2 oz
Got my package, thanks so much, it smells just like I remember. My mom will LOVE this, thanks again!
Buyer: Melody

Tigress Debutette Tigress 1/2 oz & 2 soaps
I just wanted to let you know I received them and they are in perfect condition. The Tigress cologne is awesome. I am so thrilled it brings back so many memories. Thank you so much. I hope you will get more in stock soon.
Buyer: Diane

Babe Trip Kit
I just wanted you to know that the perfume arrived safely [to Turkey]. I really loved it. Thank you very much.
Buyer: Selda

Woodhue Cologne 2 oz & 1/2 oz
I absolutely love them! I kept the small one with the wooden top with the box you sent for remembrance and I am using the other. The scent brings back so many great memories of my Aunt, and of my youth.
Buyer: Linda

Woodhue for Men, 4 oz
I got the cologne today and it smells great! I really appreciate the quick shipping, and the soap was a very nice bonus.
Buyer: Matt